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Bill Meacham

After receiving his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin Bill Meacham spent many years as a computer programmer, systems analyst and project manager. Now an independent scholar in philosophy, he brings the precision required for good software development to the analysis of philosophical concepts and to the deep questions posed by philosophy: What is real? How do we know what is real? And what shall we do about what is real?

Meacham is the author of How To Be An Excellent Human. His writings can be found at

  1. sign me up for your blog

  2. Sierra permalink

    Ditto to the above

  3. thanks for the article

  4. Stephen Fretwell permalink

    Very Helpful and thought provoking. I’d like to have these e-mailed when they are completed. I commit to “paying it forward,” at least.

  5. Noori Karima Harrris permalink

    Dear One,
    Your “Wisdom of Cross Quarters” was extremely relavant to my physical-spiritual plane experience of this moment. It is raining here in Paradise at the moment, and I can feel the power of the water element pouring upon me God/Goddess love and light! Thank you for pointing out the ‘cross quarters’ influence on we, the human beings of our planet.

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