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Greatest Hits

by Bill Meacham on February 25th, 2022

I am happy to announce that my writing is now being featured on planksip, an online journal dealing with philosophy, culture and media. Or maybe it’s a magazine; it’s hard to tell. The website features articles on a wide range of topics embellished with engaging graphics, and its editor asked me to contribute. So I did. I picked 30-odd essays, a sort of Greatest Hits, and the site features a different one each day. There’s even a video of me giving a firehose of ideas about morality; look under “Co-Create” or find it on Youtube. There’s lots of fascinating content besides mine on planksip, so check it out at

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  1. Ralph permalink

    Bill, Great contemplation in this article. Juxtaposing the Rightness paradigm against the Goodness paradigm is useful thematically but actually the two are not in conflict. What is right is what is good and vice versa. Thematically, Rightness is sourced in rules (as you have said) which says that the experience of goodness through Rightness is indirect. Goodness driven has only the bounds of experiencing some fulfilling sense of relationship with little intellectually principled constructs for an objective judgment.
    Of course, we need to consider these both thematically valid approaches. It is the strength of the article. But the conversation sounds remarkably familiar to law and grace conversations about spiritual living. This is not a criticism, just an observation.

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