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How To Exert Free Will

by Bill Meacham on January 25th, 2015

How To Exert Free WillI am excited to announce my new book, How To Exert Free Will. It is an electronic book, readable on Kindle and various other platforms, and I am making it available for free here:

Several years ago I wrote a paper on freedom of the will, but soon discovered that it was inadequate. Since then I have been working on a replacement, and this is it. I am grateful to members of the Austin Philosophy Discussion Group and others who have given me good feedback along the way.

The book is an account of the philosophical controversy regarding the topic. Some say our will is not free, but I say that it is and offer suggestions for how best to employ it. After defining what the term “free will” means, the book considers a number of topics: what it really amounts to in practice, whether the world is determined or not, recent research in brain science, the difference between objects and agents, the role of self-awareness and more. I draw on the work of Robert Kane and Daniel Dennett among others. The book ends with practical advice about how we can effectively use our free will and to what end. It considers an important philosophical topic in terms that non-philosophers can easily understand.

Please feel free to download the book from and share it with others. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Andy Trimino permalink

    I take “moral duty” as the “must” of what touches our “innerest” reality in our interaction with other human beings. In other words, it refers to what is perfectly fair and/or highly desirable in our interaction with other human beings. Some similar epithets would include justice, pity, respect, help as needed and possible, etc. As such, it can touch states of being such as as close as possible to perfect justice, help, respect, and other similar states of action and/or mind that help other people in their pursuit of just and fair happenings in their lives as we would like to happen to us as well. ====

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